Covid-19 Guidelines


Updated 1st June 2020

These Guidelines for members have been prepared by reference to the Guidance agreed by Bowls England in consultation with Government. The Guidance has already been circulated to members.  These Guidelines for members will be kept under review in the light of developments and operational experience.

Health Advice 

Members should make themselves aware of Government advice, particularly as it relates to clinically vulnerable groups.  Please do not come to the Club if you are within a stipulated period of self-isolation or if you even have mild symptoms of possible infection.

Social distancing of 2 metres should be observed.

Some of the restrictions in these Guidelines do not, of course, apply to members of the same household.

Visiting the Club 

These Guidelines refer to members playing bowls.  Separate Guidelines will apply to volunteers involved in the maintenance of the green and the grounds (garden etc).

Booking to Play Bowls 

Bookings must be made in advance by phone with Joyce. Session times for bowling and details of the rinks to be used have already been circulated and will be kept under review. 

On Arrival at the Club 

Bowlers should not arrive unduly early for their session and should not leave their cars, at most, 15 minutes before their session.

The first person to arrive for a session should open the main gates and the side gate.  That should be done either wearing clean gloves or by cleaning the relevant parts of the gates and padlocks before and after entry.

Cars should be parked with appropriate spacing.

On Departure from the Club

At the end of a session, members should change their shoes and leave the premises within 15 minutes of the end of a session.

Wherever possible, the last person to leave should wait for someone to arrive for the next session, or wait until the start of the session.  Otherwise, the side gate and main gate should be secured and the relevant parts of the gates and padlocks cleaned on exit.

Access to the Clubhouse and Other Areas

There is NO access to the clubhouse, equipment shed or changing rooms, other than to the veranda of the Ladies cabin.  Please see below regarding emergencies.

Preparing to Bowl

Players should arrive so that only shoes need to be changed, either in the car or next to the green.  Bowls equipment cannot be left at the club. Members should bring their own sanitiser/cleaning material and should also bring their mobile phones.

On the Green

Only personal equipment can be used, which should not be touched by others.  A supply of a golf ball is available from the veranda of the Ladies cabin which can be used instead of jacks.  Bowling without mats is allowed.

Either one or two bowlers are allowed on the same rink.  Adjacent rinks cannot be used.  Jacks should be placed, rather than rolled.


In an emergency, the Clubhouse can be accessed for the toilet (using only the Ladies toilet), telephone or first aid equipment.  A list of members’ telephone numbers will be kept on the veranda of the Ladies cabin.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Copy of High Wycombe Bowls Club Risk Assessment

All members have been issued with a copy, covering all the above issues and a hard copy is kept on display in the Clubhouse.