Covid-19 Guidelines


Updated 13 October 2021

From Monday 19th July, Clubs are not required to enforce any COVID restrictions by law.  Full details can be seen by visiting:

The Club will remain open for the remainder of the season.

• Internal club events or organised sessions for club members – Track & Trace records to be maintained

These Guidelines for members will be kept under review in the light of developments and operational experience.

Health Advice 

Members should make themselves aware of Government advice, available on their website. Please do not come to the Club if you are within a stipulated period of self-isolation or if you even have mild symptoms of possible infection.

Some of the restrictions in these Guidelines do not, of course, apply to members of the same household.

Visiting the Club 

All visitors to the Club MUST record their presence in the Track and Trace book. These Guidelines refer to members playing bowls and to volunteers involved in the maintenance of the green and the grounds (garden etc).


Spectators are now permitted in any outdoor bowls club.

Booking to Play Bowls 

When arranging to play competitions, rinks must be booked in advance by using the relevant form in the Rink Booking folder. Members can attend for an informal rollup but must record their names in the separate track and trace book provided.  Rinks used for competitions will take precedence but the number of players on the green is now only limited by format of play (i.e. triples, pairs, singles or rinks)

Access to the Clubhouse and Other Areas

Access to the clubhouse is permitted and a face covering should be worn, but left to the individual’s discretion, when indoors. Toilets will be open. Hospitality will be provided, the Bar will be open and the club will continue to provide light refreshments only at each Home game.

Changing rooms can now be opened.

On the Green

 It is recommended that sanitiser be used after handling the Jack or a Mat or other equipment in use during the game.


In an emergency, the Clubhouse is open for telephone or first aid equipment.  A list of members’ telephone numbers is available.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Copy of High Wycombe Bowls Club Risk Assessment